Collectively we examine challenging community issues and a vast array of social problems, including social justice issues at the local and global scales.

We utilize our collective expertise to teach, research, and publish-a process that trains future researchers and collectively contributes to the broader sociological discipline. While our research endeavors differ, we remain a collegial and committed department and are supportive of our colleagues’ research agendas. Our academic interests are as diverse as our faculty; we speak a variety of languages and hail from different cultural, political and geographical parts of the globe. 

Kayley Miller Profile
Student Profile
Kayley Miller, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

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  • Sara Dorow - Social reproduction as a "mobility regime" in the OilTar Sands
  • Thea Cacchioni - Anticlimax: The failed search for pink Viagra
  • Brigitte Le Normand - Designing Tito's Capital: Urban Planning, Modernism and Socialism in Belgrade
  • Tonia Grace - The law inside: Civil and human rights behind Canadian bars
  • Rachel Luft - Disaster patriarchy: Intersectional lessons from Hurricane Katrina